Parents: “I loved this book! It has a creative/unique story line with multiple surprise plot twists, techno-thriller action, cataclysmic schemes, mystery, family struggles, laughs, love and forgiveness. It’s a family friendly story, but is also a page-turning realistic action novel. Read the prologue & you’ll be hooked!”

Children: “My mom read THE PRODIGY PROJECT out loud while we were riding in the car on vacation. I really liked it. It was interesting.”

Book Lovers: “I will definitely check to see if this author has written other books.”

New Mothers: “I started THE PRODIGY PROJECT yesterday, reading each time I nursed, then finished it today…. It was definitely a book that was hard to put down. The story kept me in suspense all the way to the end.”

School Teachers: “THE PRODIGY PROJECT is a great read on so many levels. I especially appreciate the way Dr. Flanders explains complex ideas about technology and disease in terms that anyone can understand.”

College Students: “Great book. I read it cover to cover in one sitting.”

Businessmen: “I could not put it down. I never got to my Sunday afternoon plans, I read all afternoon. The plot twists surprised me several times.”

Retirees: “My kids gave me a Kindle for Christmas, and the first book I downloaded was THE PRODIGY PROJECT. This author is responsible for a 72 old lady not going to bed until the book was finished. I loved it. I love intrigue and anything about our great military and our great country. It all was there.”

A deadly new bio-weapon, an unconventional hero, and an action-packed tale torn from tomorrow’s headlines. THE PRODIGY PROJECT. Own it today.

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