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Free Gospel Tracts

Prescott Publishing is happy to announce that readers can now download free versions of our most popular gospel tracts to print and assemble at home. Be sure to take advantage of this new resource, and tell your friends about it. We hope to add other formats in the coming weeks, including tracts printed in Spanish and other languages. Click on the TRACTS tab at the top of this page to view what we have available so far.



    Could you please kindly help us to print out the Gospel tract?

    1. Jennifer Flanders

      Sure, Singh. Just click this link, then hit “print.” Each double-sided copy will yield one tract. Cut it in half width-wise. Stack the halves with the “Good Shepherd” title on top. Cut in half width-wise a second time, then stack with “Good Shepherd” on top once again. Staple the tract in the middle, and viola! You’re done!


    We would like you to know that going to print out the gospel tract in our own tribal Tamang language because this caste is second biggest people group in Nepal and still most percent of this people group can not read and write in Nepali language as well.So that our vision is to print out the gospel tract and to distribute it among them to know God in our language.

    Therefore if your ministry organization will be able to provide a small donation for us,we could do this work in partnership.Thank you for your email.

    We look forward to hear from you.

    Best wishes,
    Singh Raj Tamang
    Hope Foundation Trust Nepal.

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