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Trick-or-Treat for Something Sweet

Free Printable Tracts for Trick-or-Treaters | Share something sweet with whoever shows up on your doorstep this Halloween. (

There are many different opinions about whether Christians should celebrate Halloween, but for those who live in busy neighborhoods, Halloween presents an opportunity like none other for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Next time trick-or-treaters begin to show up on your doorstep by the dozen, slip something into their bag along with the candy that will last a lot longer than a sugar rush. Give them the gospel!

Prescott Publishing has long offered free printable tracts, but this year we’ve added a special style just for Halloween:

Halloween Tract - Outside

Each double sided page yields four tracts. Just copy, cut into quarters, and fold. These tracts look best printed in black ink on orange paper.

Halloween Tract - Inside

Click on either image above to print this tract in English. Or click here to print it in Spanish.