Top 10 Types of Social Media Posts

Here at Prescott Publishing, we get a lot of questions from new authors asking what they need to do to get their book published.

Although we are a small company with an even smaller staff, our publishing calendar is filled to bursting, so we are unable to consider unsolicited manuscripts at this time. Nevertheless, we do wish these authors well and would like to offer as much help as our busy schedules would allow.

One of the things we tell them is that if they want to attract the attention of a mainstream publisher — something Prescott Publishing decidedly is not (yet) — then they must devote some time to building their platform.

On that topic, I listened to a great podcast last week from platform guru Michael Hyatt. Here is a brief synopsis:

Top 10 Types of Posts

I would encourage you to listen to the podcast yourself or read the full transcript of the show. Better yet, check out Michael Hyatt’s bestselling book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World (affiliate link).

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