More Buzz about The Prodigy Project

“The Prodigy Project kept me reading far past bedtime… even the surprise plot twist didn’t deter me. I went, ‘Oh—really?’ read back a few chapters to see if I’d missed any signals, admired the author’s finesse, and leapt back into the story….”

-Elsi Dodge, author of RV Tourist Follow this link to read the entire review.

Worth Far More Than Rubies

Nancy Campbell, founder of ABOVE RUBIES MINISTRIES, has been an enthusiastic promoter of LOVE YOUR HUSBAND/ LOVE YOURSELF from her first reading of the book, and her blurb appears on the cover of the second printing.

Author Jennifer Flanders comments, ” I couldn’t be more delighted, as I have been personally blessed by Mrs. Campbell’s ministry for well over 20 years now.”

If you are unfamiliar with ABOVE RUBIES, we invite you to visit their website and subscribe to their free magazine. It is packed full of uplifting counsel and encouragement for women in their roles as wives and mothers.

Readers Are Raving Over THE PRODIGY PROJECT

We’re getting lots of feedback on our newest release, THE PRODIGY PROJECT by Doug Flanders.

Says one reader, “I loved this book! It has a creative/unique story line with multiple surprise plot twists, techno-thriller action, cataclysmic schemes, mystery, family struggles, laughs, love and forgiveness. It’s a family friendly story, but is also a page-turning realistic action novel. Read the prologue &you’ll be hooked!”

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