New Devotionals for a New Year

New Devotionals for a New Year

New devotionals for a new year...
Prescott Publishing is pleased to announce a new line of devotional journals designed to get readers meditating on Scripture and pondering God’s purpose for their lives.

They have lots of room for recording thoughts, drawing pictures, making lists, and setting goals, with simple, guided studies on topics such as love, prayer, giving, family relationships, and serving others.

Once completed, the journal is sure to be a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

The first two titles are ready now — one for girls and one for boys. They are identical in content; the only difference is the cover and clip art.

Readers may work through the book at their own pace, picking and choosing which pages to do first.

Alternatively, it can be used in a group setting as part of a youth program or creative writing course, with pages assigned in a predetermined order and discussed upon completion.

The journals retail for $14.95, but from now until January 31, you can get them for $9.95 each by ordering through this site and using a coupon code (RUMTPENY) at checkout.

Raising Avid Readers in a Media Saturated Society

Raising Readers: How to Convince your Kids to Ditch their Computer Games in Favor of Reading {with free printable progress chart}

Prescott Publishing author Jennifer Flanders on how to raise avid readers in media-saturated society: “I don’t know about the kids at your house, but we have a couple of children who would spend 24 hours a day in front of a computer screen if we’d let them. We’ve tried restrictions (no computer time until homework’s done), rationing (only 15 minutes per day), and relegating it to non-primetime hours (weekends only, after family time).

These measures helped, but only to a point. The kids cooperated, but still spent an inordinate amount of time begging, pleading, or just waiting until they could get back online again.

Not exactly the productive use of time we were hoping for.

But now their attitudes have changed, and the transformation has been nothing short of amazing. It all started when we started linking computer privileges to reading time….” [read more]

How to Encourage Your Children: Nancy Campbell’s Latest Book

Don’t miss the new companion volume to HOW TO ENCOURAGE YOUR HUSBAND. Nancy Campbell’s latest book, HOW TO ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN, is brimming with great tips and ideas for encouraging and expressing love to your sons and daughters, no matter what their age. Available during the month of November for 20% off the cover price — perfect for every mother on your Christmas list. Just enter the code: PLR6RPPW at checkout. But act fast! This offer won’t last long.

Book Signing/ Free Seminar at The Scroll

We hope those of you in Tyler will make plans to join us on April 2 at The Scroll Christian Bookstore. Doug Flanders will be signing copies of his novel, THE PRODIGY PROJECT, and his wife, Jennifer, will be conducting a special seminar on “Traveling with Children.” You won’t want to miss it!