New Release: Get Up & Go!

Get Up & Go: Fun Ideas for Getting Fit as a Family (by Jennifer Flanders)Prescott Publishing is proud to announce the release of Get Up & Go: Fun Ideas for Getting Fit as a Family.

Are you looking for fresh ideas to get your children up and moving? Do you have trouble fitting a workout into your own busy schedule? Are individual fitness routines tearing your family life apart? Then it sounds like you need a little GET UP & GO!

As a mother of 12, author Jennifer Flanders has no choice but to stay physically active. Her husband and children provide her with plenty of reasons to GET UP & GO, and the family all works — and plays — together to keep fitness fun!

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Love Your Husband Gets a Facelift

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Love Your Husband/ Love Yourself by Jennifer Flanders

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“…some of the best advice you could ever take… Jennifer supplies all the information you need to transform your current marital state into the marriage you both have been longing for. So Love Your Husband, Love Yourself, and reap more benefits than you ever dreamed imaginable!”
– Michelle Kauenhofen
Author of Cheer Up!

“This book is the talk your Mom never had the nerve to have with you.”
– Irene’s Christian Reviews

“In a very discreet and modest way… Flanders not only shares the Biblical mandate for a wife to meet her husband’s physical needs but also discusses scientific… advantages of [doing so] on a regular basis.”
– Good Old Days Farm

“…one of the most candid, honest, beautiful books on marriage I have ever read…. I was absolutely fascinated by the research showing the links between the marriage relationship and health. This is the most in-depth book I have read on the subject of Christian sexual intimacy.”
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“Even if you have a healthy and happy marriage, following the principles in this book can make it better.”
– Joy H.
Reader’s Favorite review

“This is a message openly opposed by our culture and sadly sidestepped by the Church… I barely got the message [before marriage] that physical intimacy was part of being a wife. No one EVER made me feel like it was my PRIVILEGE! Until now. Thank You!”
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