The Best Book for Brides

Standing Paperback - ColorWedding season is upon us! In the first weekend of June alone, our family attended four weddings and one wedding shower. And there are many more on the calendar to follow.

If you have friends or family getting married soon, consider giving them a gift to get them started on the right foot. LOVE YOUR HUSBAND/LOVE YOURSELF is packed full of practical wisdom that will help the happy couple avoid a lot of headaches and hassles as they adjust to their new life together.

And from now until June 30, you can purchase it for 20% off the cover price! Just order through this website and use the code: HPYJX4ZG when you check out.

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One Response to The Best Book for Brides

  1. Jodi N says:

    This is my favorite “vocational” book for wives! In the nine years I’ve been married I’ve read quite a few, but this take the cake! I find it a fascinating, easy read that mixes scientific data with personal stories. I try to re-read it at least once a year to keep things fresh in my mind and heart. It definitely helps me keep the right attitude and has proven to be a blessing to my husband and me. I can’t wait for “Love your Children” to come out! 🙂

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