Reading in Bed

Perhaps the advent of e-readers has dated this quote a little bit, but I’d still rather hold the printed and bound pages in my hands than an electronic devise. How about you? Do you prefer to read hard copy or digital text?

Gifts that Keep Giving

We’ve heard it suggested that parents should limit their children to four Christmas gifts: “something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.” Does that mean that if you buy a book-loving child a book he wants but doesn’t already own, then you can mark three of these off your list at once?

We think books are a great gift choice, not only because they can be enjoyed time and again, but because they can be shared with others to spread the joy. Want suggestions for some great seasonal books to share with your kids this time of year? Check out the titles on this list of 25 books to read before Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving

Prescott Publishing is thankful for our readers, for our authors, and for good books everywhere that feed our love of learning. We hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

Eating without Digesting

This is why we recommend reading s-l-o-w-l-y, preferably with a pencil in hand! Speedreading is the equivalent of inhaling a meal without chewing or tasting what is being swallowed.

Books to Movies

With very rare exception (THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO is the only title that springs to mind), books are almost always better than the movies based on them. It is amazing how little resemblance some films bear to their alleged source material, don’t you think?